Learn Russian Online: Top 15 Free Russian Classes and Lessons [2022 Updated]

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Do you want to learn Russian language, but found that there are few resources to improve your Russian skills, don’t worry, in this article we will recommend 15 free resources to let you learn Russian language good and right. Contain free websites, app, podcasts and so on, you can just choose one of them to improve your Russian skills.
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Should I learn Russian language?

Have you ever wondered that why do more and more people learn Russian language, why don’t they choose other languages to learn but choose Russian language? Let me tell you why do more and more people learn Russian language, and whether you should take one Russian class or not.

  • Russian is the 5th most spoken language in the world with over 285 million speakers.
  • It only has 33 letters to learn:Chinese has thousands of characters to learn, so it isn’t easy for a language to learn Chinese, but Russian language has only 33 letters, it can make you learn a new language with less stress.
  • It’s easy to travel around the related country:whether you are going aboard for some days or several weeks, you can speak a minimum in local will let you stay there more easily, many people in eastern Europe speak Russian, if you  are also speak a little Russian, you can have a better time when you travel there. 

How can I learn Russian and speak Russian well?

Learn by yourself

You can look for some resources, books or maybe track some youtubers to learn Russian online or offline by yourself, but remember to plan your learning schedule, and do it or you may fail when you learn a new language.

If you prefer learn Russian by yourself, we highly recommend you watch this video, it's about 50 COMMON PHRASES in Russian, you can learn some basic phrases in few minutes.

Taught by a tutor

You can just find a tutor who is suitable to you, he can teach you Russian step by step with 1-on-1 method, and correct your mistakes immediately, but it will charge higher fees, so you should take good consideration of it.


Taught by a teacher

Teachers often have certifications of languages, so you can learn with professional way, and study with some classmates(if you want, you can choose some Russian classes with other partners)


Top 15 free Russian classes recommended you

1. Russian Language Lessons

It’s a platform offers free online Russian language courses for everyone who wants to learn Russian language online. In that platform you can find audio and video recorded by native Russian speakers. It has 18 basic lessons(Russian alphabet, Russian handwriting, numbers, basic phrases and so on), 1 advanced lesson, 15 grammar sections, 13 Russian vocabulary and some online tools to help you learn Russian well, if you want to learn for free, you can try it. 

We find a video about Russian Alphabet, this video is made by Russian Language Lessons, you can watch it before using their resources.

2. Russian FOR FREE

It’s just as popular as Russian Language Lessons Learn Russian For Free. Both of them provide free learning resources. Russian FOR FREE have created 3 courses that will take students from the basic level to a medium command of the language, and since each is independent, you can choose where to start. If you want to receive news to learn more Russian, you can subscribe to them, and later you will receive one month news.

3. Loecsen

The mission of Loecsen is to develop a method of rapid assimilation of foreign languages that can be learnt over the internet and without limitations of any devices. It is intended for people who want to manage in most situations of everyday life without having to go through a lengthy learning process. So, there are 41 language resources in Loecsen you can learn online, if you want to learn in any situation, you can download Mp3 and pdf pack to practice Russian language. It’s good for you to have more resources to learn a language.

4. Russian-Plus.com

When you visit their website, you will see “Learning Russian Online for Smart People”, indeed they provide 5 free choices to let people learn Russian(lessons for beginners, intermediate lessons, advanced lessons, grammar, speaking lessons ), you could pick one to improve you Russian skills, but it’s unfortunate that the intermediate lessons, advanced lessons are less than lessons for beginners, so Russian-Plus.com is suitable for beginners. Besides, they have some youtube channels, after using resources there, you can subscribe them and “learn Russian with Kenny”, it’s also a good way to learn Russian.

5. Amazing Talker

Amazing Talker is founded by Taiwanese in 2016, and the mission of it is to connect the students who want to learn new languages to the foreigner tutors, you can choose a tutor by your interest, time and other languages tutor can speak, it’s flexible to everyone to find a suitable way to learn new languages, and the greatest part is that you can have free 20$ to book trial lessons when you register Amazing Talker by using a link provided with friends. 


6. Fluent U

Fluent U is a platform that takes videos(news, music videos and so on)and turns them into personalized language learning lessons. The mission of it is to provide authentic videos with other resources(interactive captions, transcripts and so on) to students, and it will track your learning path of vocabulary and give you personalized experience, isn’t customized method to learn is a good way to learn Russian? Go visit it and get 14 days free.

7. Everyday Russian

Everyday Russian is a platform for everyone who wants to learn Russian, it collects more than 300 Russian language lessons(alphabet, grammars and so on),  you can practice Russian for free. And they provides one part can develop your listening and writing skills, so if you want to improve these parts, you can choose Everyday Russian to learn, and there are various can meet different people’s needs. 

8. Duolingo

It’s a free platform to learn languages, you can register for free and choose any languages you want to learn, the amazing thing is that you can learn by play. What’s that? Duolingo combines language classes with games, so students can feel more comfortable when you learn a new languages, but it also means you should clear the missions to the next learning part, it’s interesting, isn’t it?

9. Learn Russian

Learn Russian is a platform offered by a Russian television network, you can take online Russian lessons here for free. If you are a beginner, you can begins with alphabet and phonetics, and if you have learned Russian for a few time, you can just take a lesson, and there are 100 lessons you can choose, after learning new part of Russian language, there are tests for you to check whether you master the section or not. So if you just ant to learn bu yourself, it’s a good platform for you.

10. Russian for Everyone

When you visit their website, you will see a cute logo there, and as the kindness of the website, Russian for Everyone is a nice place for everyone to learn Russian, there are 35 lessons you can use(syllables, letter spelling rule, grammar and so on), and the lessons accompanied by 16 quizzes and 7 tests, you can challenge yourself after learning every section. The most interesting is that Russian for Everyone provides some Russian language Games in the bottom of their websites, when you tired of learning Russian, you can play some game to  have a good mood.


11. HelloTalk

Are you tired of learning Russian in online platform? Do you want to learn Russian everywhere and anytime with your mobile? Are you excited about chatting with foreigners? You can download this HelloTalk app, HelloTalk provides more than 100 languages, you can just enter your mother tongue and the language you want to exchange, then HelloTalk will match the people who have same requirements to you. If you like this method to learn a language, you can download it and chat with foreigners now.

12. Russian Made Easy

Russian Made Easy provides audio episodes(30 lessons)and video episodes(30 lessons)for Russian learners, the characteristic of it is every episodes has English version that you can know what does the speaker mean, and every lessons has full episode transcript and exercises transcript(pdf)to users, you can download them to practice every lessons. Isn’t it easy to use, let’s visit the website and try.

13. Very Much Russian Podcast

It’s time for us discuss some resources to intermediate and advanced students. Very Much Russian Podcast is the site for intermediate and advanced Russian learners. You can find a great learning way to learn beyond your traditional Russian textbooks by Russian podcasts, jokes, and dictionary, so you don’t need to mind this method is boring. Everyone wants to make your Russian skill better can visit this platform. 

14. Language Trainer’s Listening Tests

It’s a platform provides free Russian tests online. No matter you are a beginner or an advanced learner, you can choose the suitable test to verify how much Russian you actually understand. And by these tests, you will know what section you need to improve, and focus on the right part to level up your Russian skills, it’s a good way to know our learning results, isn’t it good? Let’s go and test by the platform. 

15. The Polyglot Club

If you already have some degrees of Russian , you can use this free website to interact with others. It’s easy to use the platform, you can “get corrected” or “correct others” there. Furthermore, you can see the discussion of other questions. Although it’s not as immediately as italki, you could also ask some questions there. People there will correct your mistakes with words or sentences, it;’s a good way to check whether you learn Russian right or not. 

If you have some problems with writing the Russian alphabet, we recommend you watch this video, the youtuber teach it well.

Wondering where to find Russian tutors?

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