THE 10 BEST Free Online German Classes [2022 updated]

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Just started learning German and busy memorizing the gender of the words: der, die, or das? Sehr gut! Actually you don't need to spend a lot of money to learn German efficiently. Sometimes you can even do it for free! Our language experts have compiled the ultimate list of 9 of the best online classes and resources for you to learn German with ease and style!
online german classes

4 of the Best Ways to Learn German

The best way to learn a new language is always to practice with native speakers. Don’t be sad, however, if you don’t know anyone from German-speaking countries such as Germany, Austria or Switzerland. There are still 3 options for learning German through:
  • Websites  (mostly for free)
  • Apps
  • In-studio/online classes (paid)
  • Online tutors

Which german lesson suit you the most?

As we have the discussed the ways you can learn German in, you might want to ask the next question: which is the best German class for me? If you like to interact with people and want someone’s company when learning German, then in-studio classes probably suit you most. If you don’t have a regular schedule, then you might want to look for a more flexible way to learn. Using websites to learn or taking classes online could help you arrange your schedule more efficiently. Plus, If you want to ramp up your German speaking skills, then online tutors will be your top choice. 


Websites for Taking Online German Language Lessons for FREE!

1. Deutsche Welle – learn German online


Deutsche Welle is an international broadcaster funded and founded by the German government. It also has a website of its own. German learners love this site since they offer quite a few free learning resources. It is suitable to all levels of German learner from A1 to C level. They also produce all kinds of interesting videos. After watching the videos, you could try their exercises so that you could get more familiar with the topic. Transcripts are also available too. No need to worry if you missed the words the hosts are talking about. 
  • Recommended programs

    • Nico’s weg
      (A1-B2 level)

      Nico’s journey started from the the airport. He was practicing German by listening to podcasts in his earphone while he met a girl who tried to spoke German to him. Sadly at that time he didn’t understand that the girl was actually making a compliment on his bag (die Tasche is schön). His German-learning starts from A to Z, like each German language learner. What would his adventure be like? Take a look!

    • Jojo sucht das Glück (B1-B2 level)

      Jojo is a girl from Brazil. In order to find her Mr. right and fulfill her artist dream, she came to Germany. The dream and the reality appeared to be different when she started her new life and met some new friends. Would she be able to achieve her dream?  This is one of the most popular series produced by Deutsche Welle for German learners. “Jojo sucht das Glück”. They now have three seasons and each season contains more than 10 episodes. You could also take an online quiz after you finish each episode.     



Deutsch-lernen ( German Learning) is another free online german learning website suitable for all levels of german learners. They provide formal classes for beginner and advanced german learners as well as some specific courses with different topics. You could sign up for a free account to get more exercise and grammar handouts.  They also offer summer school, holiday courses in Germany or in Vienna. 
  • Recommended links

    • Jokes
      Provides a couple of German-style jokes , and to be honest most of all won’t make you laugh. It is still worth getting a taste of the German sense of humor. 
    • Study tips
      German could be hard to new learners, so considerately they offer some hints to make you learn German more effectively and efficiently. 
    • Online travel guide
      If you are learning German for traveling, working, or immigrating to Germany. Then you simply can’t miss this online travel guide. Enjoy it for free!

3. deutschAkademie – german lessons near me

DeutschAkademie is also an online studio for learning German. They provide more than 20,000 German grammar and vocabulary exercises as well as 800-hour interactive online courses online! It is worth mentioning that all the courses have been designed by experienced German teachers. 
  • Recommended program

    • Free audio courses
      You could also download the App” learn german DeutshchAkademie” and practice German on your smartphone. If you are interested in this institution and have a chance to learn German in Europe, they also have many intensive courses in Europe Wien, Bratislava, Berlin, Hamburg, Münich). Let’s cast away everything and fly to Germany to have fun learning German. 

4. Duolingo – learn german for free!

If you have learned other languages before, Duolingo won’t be too unfamiliar to you. Yes, that’s right! You can learn German pretty well on this self-learning website. They also
provide an app for you to control your German learning status much easier and more efficiently. 
During the process, you will find learning German just like playing games. The more lessons you take, the more rewards you will gain to motivate you to keep on learning. 

5. deutsch-uni – online german classes

The Deutsch-Uni Online is a webportal for learning German. The DUO courses covers language, knowledge about culture and everyday life, even subject-specific skills. It not only provides German classes from basic level to advanced levels, they also teach business courses in which you can acquire more advanced German skills. Since they are funded by institutions like universities and the government, their material is quite professional and of high-quality. 
  • Recommended link

    • Different-language documents 
      Not only does it provide German information about the courses, they also offer informational documents in different languages such as French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and Arabic.

6. The German Project- best online german course

The German project is a website designed specifically for beginners to take German lessons with audio. They have 15 lessons in total for learning useful knowledge of the German language. You will learn how to greet, how to use the German numbers and some common German verbs. Common slangs and expressions are also included in the lessons! That will make you sound a lot more like a real German. Each lesson comes  with adorable comic and some practice exercises. 
  • Recommended materials 
    • German Children stories
      Do you remember how you learned your mother language when you were a child? Now we would like to recall your faded memory. Yes it is a bedtime story. You listen, you read, and you speak out loudly. These stories are catchy and easy to memorize. That’s why it’s suitable for children, but also informative for language learners.
    • German lessons
      If you don’t want to start from child stories, them German lessons could do you a favor. This is not the same lesson as the other normal german lesson. They combine it with funny comics or images to help you better comprehend the context.

In-studio German classes

7. Goethe institut – german courses

If you don’t want to learn German in your pajamas while craving for more interactions with other German learners, then Goethe institut probably is your best choice. Goethe institute encourages people from all over the world to learn German. Around 246,000 people took part in the German courses offered by the Goethe-institut every year! 
For example, in the U.S, they have comprehensive programs of German courses in Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Washington. They also have branches in many countries. If this program really attracts you, you could find out the location  in your countries and take the courses.

Learn German online

8. Lingoda – best online german course

Does in-studio classes force you to spend too much time commuting? Then consider Lingoda. Lingoda is a online learning German platform where you can find Native German teachers. It also have a high class rating. 
You could choose either group classes or 1-on-1 private classes. Usually group classes are led by native teachers and last for 60 minutes, typically with 5 students. If you don’t want to get distracted by other students, then private classes might be better suited for you.

9. Udemy – german lessons

Have you ever heard of MOOCs (massive open online courses)? The courses are pre-taught and recorded before students actually take the lessons. If you become stressful when facing the real people, you can try using Udemy. Udemy offers online courses to a wide range of subjects and not just German. 
You can find high-quality German classes in Udemy by paying a few dollars. Be careful before choosing a class and read a lot of reviews. The courses are topic-oriented and more courses are for beginners. 
Are you still looking for other German learning resources? Then online 1-on-1 tutors might suit you. Take a look and find out!

If you like this post and find it helpful, please share it with your friends! It would be a huge support for us.

And if you would like to share your favorite secret German learning resources, please feel free to leave a comment down below.

Let’s make learning German fun and easy!

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