22 Best Free Online Spanish Classes & Courses [2022 Updated]

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Spanish Classes

Free Online Spanish Classes (Complete Courses)

If you are thinking about taking complete Spanish classes while learning Spanish online, you can try one of the following websites. These sites often offer massive open online courses (MOOC) or systematic approaches to learning a new language.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the largest free online language learning websites. Just sign up an account and you can enjoy free lessons, learning materials, podcasts, discussion forums and fun challenges that can keep your Spanish skills sharp at all times! Duolingo focuses on a more interactive learning style and often combines everyday scenarios into the learning process. It is definitely a fun experience to learn on Duolingo, and it would also encourage you by giving out awards and achievement to keep you going. However it could be quite difficult to jump in if you are completely new to a language since it doesn’t have a methodical, step by step course so to say.

2. edX

Much like the better known website of coursera, edX offers a lot of MOOCs from multiple universities on their website. It currently has 3 online Spanish learning courses you can take for free (or pay $49 for a certificate). Although the courses vary in length and content, they all offer a great chance to enroll in university-level courses taught by real professors! It is true that the courses offered is somewhat limited, but wouldn’t it be cool to take “Basic Spanish 2” taught by La Universidad Politécnica de Valencia?

3. Lengalia

Lengalia offers a variety of Spanish classes such as Spanish Grammar, Spanish Vocabulary and Business Spanish etc. It also provides live tutoring service and other online learning materials, even certifications! Sadly most of these are not free, but you can still get an impressive array of free Spanish courses. The contents include grammar, practice, vocabulary, reading and audio. Not bad for a casual practice or refresher.


4. StudySpanish.com

This is not a strictly free website, however it still offers some rather detailed and comprehensive basic Spanish tutorials. The tutorials all come in multiple units, complete with explanations, examples and quizzes. You can find the tutorials in the FREE SPANISH TUTORIALS section in the middle of the webpage. If you are happy with the content and materials, you can always sign up for premium membership for $9.99 / Month to access all the courses and tests, as well as podcasts and audio resources.


Free Online Spanish Classes (Video Lessons)

Besides going for websites dedicated to learning hardcore Spanish lessons, you could also try some other online resources that can help you with your Spanish in a more relaxed way. There are a lot of websites that offer free Spanish video lessons and classes. Youtube for example has some of the most interesting video lessons available and it would be a shame to miss on them.

[Youtube Channels]

5. Butterfly Spanish

This is a channel with lessons that cover Spanish grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, tips & tricks and cultural aspects. The host really does a great job at clearly explaining the concept of each class. The lessons are taught in English using a whiteboard and it definitely make the learning process simple and classes easy to follow. Absolutely a go-to if you want some solid free online Spanish classes. 

6. Learn Spanish with SpanishPod101.com

This channel provides some very high quality videos on Spanish learning, including mistakes to avoid, common vocabulary, even on how to prepare for a Spanish interview. It would also put out some fun contents like Mexican music and guide to Mexico city. Overall speaking a great channel even though it sometimes contains some advertisement from SpanishPod101.com.


7. Learn Spanish Step by Step

This is a channel for Spanish beginners and mostly produce videos on entry-level Spanish. Its videos are often made with cute animations and pictures to make them all the more memorable. Overall a great channel for children to learn Spanish or if you are just getting started.


8. Professor Jason

Professor Jason is a well-known Youtuber who have been giving out Spanish and Portuguese lessons on Youtube for many years. His videos are more solid in teaching style and were often coupled with texts on whiteboard or paper. Although he has fewer updates recently, it is still worth going through his older videos. Recommended for more advanced learners.


9. Easy Spanish

Easy Spanish is a fun little channel that produces Spanish learning contents. What is most interesting about this channel is that besides explaining grammar and usage, the host Juan would also make travel vlogs and videos about Mexican culture. So you can easily immerse yourself while learning, and you don’t need to worry about not understanding since all the videos are subtitled in English!


[Other video lessons]

10. Destinos: an Introduction to Spanish

This site offers an impressive collection of Spanish dramas for you to practice your listening and vocabulary. You will be solving the mystery for a dying man with the lawyer Raquel Rodríguez in the 52 episode drama series. The dialogues are spoken in Spanish but narrated in English. The contents aren’t too since the series is specifically filmed for Spanish learning and you can chose to turn on the subtitle if you need. A great choice if you want practice Spanish while having some fun!

11. 5 Minute Spanish

This is a series of 36 free videos on itunes that cover almost all the aspects of basic Spanish. It does a good job on getting the message through but some people might find it somewhat boring since they are all just narrated sliders with markers.


Free Online Spanish Classes (Audio Lessons)

Audio resources on Spanish learning are far easier to find than video contents. The most common audio materials include online audio classes, podcasts and audiobooks, all of which are great ways to improve and practice Spanish on your own.

[Online audio lessons]

12. Spanish Obsessed

You can choose a wide variety of audio lessons on this website, from beginner to intermediate or advanced level, and almost all of them are free! You can listen to all the audio files with a free account and if you want to step up the effort, you can purchase the gold membership for $129 / year or buy a course for $49 to access transcripts, notes and translations.


13. Live Lingua

Although Live Ligua is an online tutor matching website, it does provide a series of free online Spanish lessons. Every course comes with Ebooks and audio files that you can use to study on your own pace. It currently has 11 Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Spanish courses for you to choose from. 


14. The Spanish Experiment

The Spanish Experiment is a great site that offers free Spanish children’s’ stories and online Spanish lessons. It really did a great job on the children’s’ stories, nice audio paired with transcripts, translations and cute pictures. It just makes learning so much more fun. And if you are looking for some basic classes, you can head over to their online lessons section. It provides audio files on a lot of the examples for you to practice your listening.



15. LibriVox

LibriVox offers free public domain audiobooks read by volunteers from around the world. You can find audiobooks in various languages in the collection. It currently has 490 Spanish audiobooks. So pick the one you like and start listening away!


16. Loyal Books

Similar to LibriVox, Loyal Books lets you download free ebooks and audiobooks in the public domain. Although it has less collection (80 Spanish audiobook) than LibriVox, you can still find some interesting books here.


17. AlbaLearning 

AlbaLearning is a Spanish audiobook website so you might need some basic Spanish to navigate around the site. Same as LibriVox and Loyal Books, you can find a lot of free Spanish audiobooks here.


18. Coffee Break Spanish 

Coffee Break Spanish podcasts offer relaxed audio and video lessons that run about 15 minutes each, perfect for a coffee break at work. They are suitable for beginners and more seasoned learners, as you can choose from a variety of levels. You can also choose to go premium to gain access to bonus materials. It also comes with it own courses and blog.


19. Notes in Spanish

This site contains a wide variety of Spanish podcasts with different levels from beginners, intermediate to advanced. You can listen and download podcast on different subjects free of charge. You can also pay for premium contents like full transcripts and translations, easy grammar notes, and vocab boosting exercises. 


20. iVoox

This is a Spanish audio hosting website that has it all: podcasts, audiobooks and live online radio streaming. It actually helps Spanish-speaking podcasters to monetize their work, which means you’ll probably get more content than most other podcasts. It also comes with apps for iOS and Android for you to listen anywhere you like, all of which are free to install and use.


Other Online Spanish Learning Resources

Here are some other useful online Spanish learning resources you can use to improve your Spanish skills. 


21. BBC

BBC does a great job on providing language learning resources and has a page dedicated to Spanish learning. It contains online Spanish video and audio lessons, vocabulary, grammar, child Spanish and Spanish news, radio and TV for you to learn Spanish in every way you can.


22. Language Transfer

This is a site that provides a really comprehensive Spanish podcast series of 90 tracks in total! Its Complete Spanish series offers a complete guide to Spanish learning from beginning to advanced level and can quickly bring you up to speed on your Spanish learning journey!


Have you found the perfect way to learn Spanish online?

It is simply amazing how many free Spanish learning resources you can find online if you are looking at the right place. Have you found the best way to learn Spanish?
If you think getting a tutor is the best way, check this out: 6 best Spanish tutor websites for 2022.  
Or you could learn by yourself with these handy apps: 13 BEST Spanish Learning App (for iOS and Android) in 2022.

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