5 BEST Korean Learning Apps for All Levels of Learners in 2020

Korean Pop, fashion, beauty and entertainment are growing big and becoming more popular in recent years. The phenomenal spread of this Korean wave across the world has also provoked the enthusiasm in learning Korean.

Communicate with locals, travel to Korea without stress, understand Korean when watching or reading Korean media and even work or study in Korea… There are all kinds of reasons that people have for learning Korean.

Don’t worry! I am going to recommend 5 practical Korean learning apps/websites that serve different purposes, enabling you to learn Korean merrily anytime and anywhere.

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The Top 15 Best Online German Classes (Learn German in 2020!)

Many people have the misconception that German is an impossible language to learn, with its long, compounded words and noun genders.

But fortunately, German isn’t as hard to learn as you may think.

In fact, German pronunciation is much more consistent than English, where the rules of letters and sounds change often.

Let’s take a look at the top 15 classes to learn German in 2020!

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Reviewed: The Best Online French Courses- Learn French in 2020

Conversation is one of the best ways to learn French.

One hour of conversation (with corrections and a dictionary for reference) is as good as five hours in a classroom and 10 hours in a language course by yourself.

We’ll first take a look at the top 5 French learning websites that allow you to learn with a native speaker.

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The Top 5 Online ACT Prep Courses- Ace the ACT!

An online ACT prep course offers students a happy medium between the rigors of in-person preparation classes and the difficulties of self-prep.

If you’re a student that can work independently, but may need a little help being accountable, an online ACT prep course might be perfect for you.

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Tutoring Online

Top 10 Best Online Tutoring Companies Hiring (Up to $60/hr!)

Tutoring online is now just a click away! As technology continues to progress, it becomes easier and easier to become a respected tutor online. The constant progression of online language platforms presents some amazing opportunities to become a tutor in your own native language! It’s important that you start your career off right, and we’re here to guide you towards your successful online tutoring career!

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Make Money Teaching Language Online-The Ultimate Guide

There’s never been a better time to teach language online! Change the lives of students by sharing the joy of your native language.

Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a college student, or just plain sick of commuting (we don’t blame you!) online language teaching may be the perfect option for you.

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Learn English

The Guide to Finding the Right Online English Tutor for You

As the one of most spoken languages in the world, English has quickly become the first choice for many individuals when considering learning a second language. English can be utilized when studying, traveling, or even conducting business . With so many resources to learn English, you may be asking, what’s the best way for me to learn English? Free sources and books are valuable sources, but tutors will assist you in learning a language as quickly as possible. Finding the best tutor to help you learn is crucial and we’re here to guide you towards your perfect English teacher!

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Finding Your Perfect Spanish Teacher Online: The Path to Becoming Fluent

It can seem difficult to learn a language online with factors such as pricing, thousands of tutors to choose from, and especially fitting learning into your already busy schedule. With all this taken into account, learning Spanish can appear to be a difficult task. It’s important that during the time you have available, you don’t have to worry about finding the right tutor for you and that you make the most out of what you’re paying for! Get ready to find your perfect online Spanish tutor!

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