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Learn Japanese for Free! Top 40+ Online Japanese Lessons [2022]

Are you having a hard time learning Japanese? Couldn’t get around all the Kanji, pronunciation and dreadful grammar? Don’t worry, we are here to help! Our language experts have compiled an ultimate list of online Japanese lessons (also apps, video, audio, courses, you name it) for you to learn and study Japanese online for free. Enjoy and have fun learning!

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Top 6 Websites to Find Japanese Tutors in 2022|Online & Near Me

As a language learning addict, I have tried quite a few tutoring websites, including Italki, Preply, Verbling, AmazingTalker, and HeyTutor, hoping to find my ideal tutors. After spending much time experimenting with different platforms, I am confident to say that I can share a few pros and cons on each of them with you. Take a quick 5-10 minutes to reading this article and you can expect to save up to weeks trying to them out yourself.

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Japanese learning: What you need to know in your first month!

This article is going to share what you need to know in your first month of learning Japanese. Some tips which can help you at self-study and pick up the language faster. I will divide our main goals into four different general areas: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Hundreds and thousands of people are obsessed with Japanese culture, anime, Jpop, and the country itself worldwide. I believe by reading this you are one of them! Learning the language is the best way to explore and to understand more profound each culture.

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