Master the Art of Email in Spanish

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Are you seeking to communicate effectively in the digital world using email in Spanish? Look no further! In this article, we’ll dive into the ins and outs of writing emails in both English and Spanish, exploring their meaning, usage, and more. Plus, you’ll discover AmazingTalker’s fantastic translation resources and learning tools designed to help you become a confident bilingual communicator. Let’s get started on your journey to seamless Spanish email mastery!

Email in Spanish: The Official Term and Its Variations

The Spanish Royal Academy (RAE) is the official authority of the Spanish language, establishing guidelines and standardizing the proper use of words. According to RAE, the official term for “email” in Spanish is “correo electrónico.” The plural form of this term is “correos electrónicos.”

Anglicized Forms of Email in Spanish

Despite the official term provided by RAE, many Spanish speakers commonly use anglicized forms of the word “email.” Some of these variations include:

  • Email (singular) and Emails (plural)
  • E-mail (singular) and E-mails (plural)

These anglicized forms have become widely accepted and understood among Spanish speakers, even though they might not be considered as correct by the RAE.

Adaptation of English Words into Spanish

The use of anglicized forms of “email” in Spanish is just one example of how English words have been borrowed and adapted into the Spanish language. Some other examples include:

  • “Marketing,” which is adapted as “mercadeo” or “mercadotecnia”
  • “Internet,” which is adapted as “internet” or “la red”
  • “Computer,” which is adapted as “computadora” or “ordenador”
  • “Smartphone,” which is adapted as “teléfono inteligente” or “móvil”

Learning these terms and their proper usage is crucial for achieving fluency in Spanish, as they are commonly used in everyday conversation. If you’re looking to improve your Spanish language skills or learn more about linguistics, consider taking a personalized one-on-one course with a qualified tutor at AmazingTalker. You can discuss course content with teachers before classes, choose teachers based on your budget, requirements, and schedule, and even book a 25-minute trial lesson in any of the 48 different languages offered, including Spanish.

Email in Spanish: Navigating Levels of Formality and Greetings

Spanish language has various levels of formality, making it essential to understand the appropriate usage of greetings, sign-offs, and phrases in emails. Here we provide you with examples of formal, informal, and casual greetings, as well as useful email phrases.

Levels of Formality in Spanish

  • Formal: Used in professional or business context, addressing superiors or strangers.
  • Informal: Used with friends, family and colleagues.
  • Casual: Used in relaxed and nonchalant situations or with close friends.

Greetings Based on Formality

  • Formal Greetings:
  • Estimado/a [Name]: Dear [Name]
  • Muy señor mío/a: Dear Sir/Madam
  • Informal Greetings:
  • Hola [Name]: Hello [Name]
  • Querido/a [Name]: Dear [Name]
  • Casual Greetings:
  • ¡Hola!: Hi!
  • ¿Qué tal?: What’s up?

Sign-offs and Useful Phrases

  • Formal Sign-offs:
  • Atentamente: Yours sincerely
  • Le saluda atentamente: Yours faithfully
  • Informal Sign-offs:
  • Saludos: Best regards
  • Un abrazo: A hug
  • Useful Phrases:
  • Por favor, encuentre adjunto…: Please find attached…
  • Agradecería su pronta respuesta: I’d appreciate your prompt response

Examples of Emails in Spanish

  1. Formal Email:

Estimado Sr. Pérez,

Por la presente, le informo sobre la reunión del próximo martes. Por favor, encuentre adjunto la agenda y los temas que se discutirán.

Agradecería su pronta respuesta para confirmar su asistencia.

Le saluda atentamente,

[Your Name]

Translation: Dear Mr. Pérez,
I am writing to inform you about the meeting next Tuesday. Please find attached the agenda and the topics to be discussed.
I’d appreciate your prompt response to confirm your attendance.
Yours faithfully,
[Your Name]

  1. Informal Email:

Hola Ana,

¿Cómo estás? Te escribo para invitarte a mi fiesta de cumpleaños este sábado a las 8 pm. Habrá comida, bebida y música en vivo.

Espero verte allí.

Un abrazo,

[Your Name]

Translation: Hello Ana,
How are you? I’m writing to invite you to my birthday party this Saturday at 8 pm. There will be food, drinks, and live music.
I hope to see you there.
A hug,
[Your Name]

Remember, when learning email in Spanish, AmazingTalker offers online courses in 48 different languages, including Spanish. You can choose a tutor based on your budget, requirements, and schedule, and even discuss course content before classes and book a 25-minute trial lesson!

Wrapping Up Email in Spanish

In conclusion, don’t hesitate to share your own Spanish greetings or sign-offs in the comments below. And remember, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! If you’re looking to improve your Spanish, we highly recommend AmazingTalker where you can find tailored courses and expert tutors to help you on your language learning journey. Happy emailing!

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