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Provide the best 10 free french language classes, french courses, and french lessons for you. Contain user experience, top tips and so on. Let you learn free French online classes anytime and everywhere. Let't go to read this essay and find the best way to improve our French skills.

Learning French is more than more popular in recent years, are you one of the people would like to learn French, but have no ideas about what’s the best way to learn french, or don’t know what type of french classes is suit yourself. In this essay, we will recommend top 10 free online french classes to help you learn French right and better.

Learning French for what reasons ?

  • France is the 5th economic country in the world:If you can speak french well, you may have more opportunities to find a job in France, or you can work with French colleagues.
  • Travel in France:there are many monuments, and delicious food in France, if you can speak good French, your trip will be more memorable.
  • Study in France:regardless of being an exchange student or studying master in France, speak local language fluently may make your local life better.

How can I learn French on my own?

If you have great passion in learning French, you must have wondered that should I take French lessons, French courses or French classes to make my learning effects better? Are they just the same? If they aren’t familiar with each other, what’s the different?Are they just difference with the price?or are they totally different? Let’s me help you distinguish them.

Take French lessons

Lesson is similar to a chapter, it’s just like a part of a book, so if you take time to learn lessons, you may just learn many portions of French, it’s not a good way for someone wants to learn French from the basis, it’s suit to someone know what’s the worst part of his French. Beginners should take french courses or french classes instead.

Take French courses

Course means a set of classes or a plan of study on a particular subject, usually leading to an exam or qualification. So, it’s particular suit to someone who wants to get high grade in French exam, or a student would like to be an exchange, both of them will need French certifications to gain some chances they want to have.

Look for different French courses

Take French classes

The meaning of class is a period of time in which students are taught something. When you sign up french classes, it means you will have great training of how to speak French well, how to make your pronunciation improved and so on. Thus, taking French classes is the most popular choice for beginners and advanced. 

Can I learn French online? French classes offline vs. French classes online

If you google it, you will find that there are many different ways to learn French, including take French classes online and take French classes offline. But what’s the pros and cons of them? Are they just different with learning space.

French classes offline

Restricted by learning space, weather, and time. Students and teachers have less choices to arrange their course time. It may lead to the result that students can’t match up teachers. It’s unfortunately learn French.

French classes online

Learning French without any limitations(time, space, weather) , you can feel free to learn French and teacher, too. Besides, it’s doesn’t limit by space and weather, students and teachers will have more choices to arrange their course time. Due to the advantage online has, in this essay, we will focus on French online

How can I find French language classes?

  • Ask someone you trust:you can ask someone who has studied French for a few years, his experience of learning French will make you find your learning way soon. Meanwhile, you can avoid some mistakes at the picking teacher time.
  • Just google it:Google is a powerful tool to find everything you want to know. You can use Google to search the information about French classes, and compare one way to the other, but this way will take much time, so we don’t recommend it.
  • Read this essay before learning:we provide the 10 best sites of free online french classes, you just need to have a cup of tea, and read this essay comfortably, then you will have lots of information about free french classes and know which one should you choose. 

Find Personalized French courses (FREE!)

10 free sites to learn French online


Why we recommend it

One day a girl who felt upset when she worked in an internet marketing website company, so she decided to build her own website. The girl found a Belgian man who could make strange noises with his mouth, and together they made some children’s audio stories in French. Because it was an experiment, the girl named the website THE French EXPERIMENT. And this is the history about this free but great resource.



After you visit the website, you could press the “ free online French lessons “ button to connect the page of free French lessons, the page displays that you can have what types of free lessons(lesson of counting 1 to 1000000, question words, partitive article, time concepts, phrases for when your French deserts you, positive statements, possessive adjectives, possession in nouns, the definite article, the weather, days of the week, family, conversation fillers, French idioms and expressions)there are 15 free lessons for you. How to gain these lessons? Just press the button of “Get the free newsletter” and you will get the mail immediately!

Top tip

When you receive the mail, remember to click that link that says “ Yes, subscribe me to this list” to get your free French newspaper. Then you will get a 15-minute French lesson each day, after you use the resources for 30 days, you can decide whether buy the lessons of next month or not. French lessons in THE French EXPERIMENT with no obligation to buy, you can decide it totally by yourself, so if you feel good after learning from those lessons, you can buy it for yourself.

  1. Fluent U

Why we recommend it

Fluent U is a flexible online learning solution that lets you study the French language through the web’s best videos. Their goal is brought to you by a team of passionate language learners distributed around the world. It helps students learn French via news broadcasts, cartoons, music videos and so on. The teachers in Fluent U are native speakers, so you can learn French just like in a modern life way.



When users start to use Fluent U, the interactive captions bring you the translation about the meaning of that videos, so you don’t need to be afraid that you won’t understand, it will guide you to learn French instead. Users can tap on any words to see the definition of them, and the page will display in-context usage, audio pronunciation, helpful images to make the students understand the words better. So when you start to use it, just be yourself and enjoy the happiness of learning in Fluent U.

Top tip

After you watching the videos, and totally understand the meanings of each words, you can have quizzes to verify whether you understand or not, as you continue learning in Fluent U, It will keep track of the learning effects of you, so you will have a 100% personalized experience when you are learning French. Although it sounds great to use Fluent U, it only provides you with the lessons of 14 days free, so you need to decide whether pay it or not after 2 weeks.

Find some native French tutors

  1. Duolingo

Why we recommend it

Duolingo is an online app founded by an American, after analyzing the company finds a way suit to everyone to learn languages, you can improve listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills by gamification of learning, and it’s totally free. Students can learn new languages by interesting ways, and it will increase the willingness of learning, students may have more patience about dealing with learning problems.



Regardless of beginners or advanced, you can use Duolingo app to learn French with only 5 minutes every day. Besides, students can learn French anytime and everywhere, learning without limitations would increase the learning time. Duolingo provides personal learning to every students, so you don’t need to worry about its doesn’t match you. Accorded to the studies, learning in 34 hours, will equals to one semester. So you don’t need to worry the learning effect is worse than finding a tutor, it works well instead.

Top tip

It recommend you have some levels of English, then you can learn French well and quickly. There are many circle buttons in the app, beginners should button the blue one to learn from best concepts, and if you finish your lesson , it will turn into gold color. As the advanced students, you can do tests to next learning level without learning basic lessons. Every students use Duolingo can find their own way to learn French, and it’s easy to use.

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  1. BBC

Why we recommend it

BBC is the world’s leading public service broadcaster, they create world-class programs and contents which inform, educate and entertain millions of people in the UK and around the world. BBC’s French lessons provide different types of news(greetings, introductions, food and drink, introductions, accommodation and so on)so readers can choose any topic of French to improve the skill of French depend on what they need.



Before you learn French online by BBC, yo need to register an account, and it will record your learning paths, so you don’t need to remember which lesson you have learned, the technology will do it for you. Isn’t it very convenient? Besides the convenience, you can choose your learning level by your age(primary, secondary, post-16)the mechanism also helps you find a fit learning way to make your learning effects better.

Top tip

There are varieties of French courses on BBC, and it’s totally free to use those resources. One thing users should notice that is when you use this website to learn free online French lessons, you should keep track of your learning effects. Because it doesn’t provide the mechanism of tests, so care about the results by yourself is more important than learning by other online resources, don’t worry, if you did it well, you will have good learning results, too.

  1. Loecsen

Why we recommend it

Loecsen is a free online platform designed for beginners, it provides 41 languages to everyone who wants to learn new languages. The online French lessons are split into 17 categories(essentials, conversation, learning, colours, numbers, time tracking, taxi, feelings, family, bar, restaurant, parting, transportation, looking for someone, hotel, beach, and in case of trouble). Students can choose the favorite one to learn without any registration.

Find other Basic French Courses for Beginners



It’s easy to use the platform. First, you need to pick up a topic you want to learn, then the website will show you the list of relative words in English, you just continue click the words you are interest in. At the same time, you’ll see an image corresponding to the words, and there is someone say the term in French. And after you finish the lessons, you can take quizzes to test whether you understand or not.

Top tip

Although Loecsen’s vocabulary remains foundational in terms of depth, it covers lots of topics, if you are advanced student don’t be upset about these lessons are too easily for you, you can still learn French in Loecsen and takes it as review instead, or you may try to learn other languages by their resources. No matter you are a beginner or not, you can find great learning resource and learn from them effectively.  

  1. French in action

Why we recommend it

French in action is a video instructional series in French suitable for college and high school classrooms, adult learners, and professional teachers, it contains 52 videos to everyone who wants to learn new languages. This series uses active participation to increase fluency in French, while introducing French culture. And each of the videos around a half-hour in length. You can choose the video depend on what you want and your skill level. 



You can just browse the website, and click the episode you want to watch, then without any procedure of registration, you can see the video instructional series in French. French in action is produced by Yale University and WGBH Boston with Wellesley College. You can realize its quality is undoubtedly good. If you have no chance to enroll in these two schools. At least, you can use the resource provided by them for free.

Top tip

Before watching the series of videos, everyone should notice that:Due to licensing agreements, online viewing of the videos for this resource is restricted to network connections in the United States and Canada. So if you are not in this two areas, it’s unfortunate you can’t watch it. It sounds unfair that not everyone have the right to use the great resource, but don’t be sad, you can use the other 9 channels in this essay, and still learn French well. 

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  1. Amazing Talker

Why we recommend it

Amazing Talker is an online learning platform from Taiwan. It’s founded in 2016, and attracted more than 800 tutors to register in just three months. The mission of Amazing Talker is let students from all over the world can learn foreign languages well, students can choose tutors based on their needs and personal schedules. To create a best online learning environment to help every students learn without limitation.



After you recommend friends using Amazing Talker, you would get 10$ AT coins, and your friends will have 20$ AT coins, thanks to the gift, students can choose tutors to learn French, the course price was decided by every tutors, so we can’t recommend you exchange a 10$ course, or two 5$ courses. It depends on what you need, and which tutor you like more. Every tutors were selected by Amazing Talker, students don’t need to  worry about it, just enjoy the courses. After using the free 10$, students can decide whether to buy more courses or not.
Top tip

When you visit the website of Amazing Talker, you can watch the videos with your interest, to see self introduction of the tutors, then you can check the time the tutors can teach French, it’s important to you, double check the style of the tutors and the course time can help you find the most suitable tutor, and if you are worry about these double check processes, you can contact the tutor to ask him some questions.

  1. Alison
Why we recommend it
Alison is one of the world’s largest free learning platforms for education and skills training. It believes that free education, more than anything, has the power to break through boundaries and transform lives. Its courses suitable for beginners and advanced students, and each course contains modules which includes different topic sections. For example, the course – Diploma in French Language Studies contains 17 modules and 90 topics.
Everyone could use the resources from Alison, but you should notice that before you start to use the courses, you need to register and each course only can be used by 10-15 hours, over 15 hours you need to take good consider whether to pay for it or not, if you like the courses and the atmosphere provided by Alison, and want to learn French continuously, you can be a loyal student to use their courses and resources.
Top tip
Although there are many resources in Alison, each module includes an assessment, and students who want to use next courses need an 80% in all assessments to pass the course. It sounds like students may feel stressful, but all efforts will make your French skill level up, some challenges happened during your learning process, will all turn into the best memories of learning French.
  1. Learn French online

Why we recommend it

Their free French courses are an online adaptation of the FSI French basic course, its courses are similar to typical classroom-style French lessons. In total, Learn French online composed of 2 main courses:French for beginners and Intermediate French. There are 7 topics of French courses you can choose. For example, French course for beginners contains 12 lessons, and each lesson contains 5 to 14 sections you can learn.



You can learn to speak French by listening to French words, phrases and dialogues. As the grammars, each lessons contains simple explanations and some examples to let students understand better. After learning each courses, you can test yourself to know whether you understand the part or not. Listening to French is one way to learn French, Learn French online also provides some popular to let students learn differently.

Top tip

You don’t need to register or pay for it, it’s totally free to everyone to learn French, and never worry about the course expiration date. If you’d like to learn French step by step, and want to have good French concepts, Learn French online is a good choice to you, each practices there are short, but they contains many sentences, and the speaker says the term appropriately(speaking speed), so you can learn French step by step there.

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  1. edX

Why we recommend it

MOOCs(Massive Open Online Courses)is a popular way to learn online free courses, too. They all have one thing in common and that is:They not only provide language courses but also provide different categories’ courses. Take Edx for example, EdX has various of courses, and the French is the instructional course. With more than 40 options, you can learn other courses there( Marketing, Algebra, Philosophy and so on).


Before you learning free French online courses, you need to register an account for recording your learning paths, after you have an account you can use this website/app to learn. It’s convenient for you that Edx’ app can download in your mobile, so even take the bus or  the train, you can use the mobile to learn French anytime and everywhere. Isn’t it very easy? Let’s go to the App Store to download the Edx app, and start to learn online French today.

Top tip

How can I learn two things at the same time? I’m busy and I don’t have enough time to learn. If you’d like to use French to learn more about something you’re interest in, you can take a free French online course in Edx, by taking courses there, you can improve your French skill and learn another knowledge at the same time. Isn’t it amazing? There are 95 related resources in Edx, you can just choose whichever you’re passionate with. Let’s try it.

Find Personalized French courses (FREE!)

How can I learn French quickly?

After you finding some free learning resources to learn French, you may wonder how can I learn French quickly? These are some tips to help you learn French well and fast.

Love French language

No matter what types of language you want to learn, you should love it at first . It’s associated with the mood when you face some problems. If you have great passion in learning French, you will be more powerful when the learning results doesn’t match your plan.

Create a French environment 

You can let yourself live in an environment just like live in France, in this way you can learn faster. Because you need to speak, read, listen, and write French frequently. As a proverb goes,”Practice makes perfect” Here are some tips we recommend you:

  • Set your mobile, computer and social medias to French version.
  • Watch some French tunnels.
  • Make a habit of writing diary.
  • Stay in France for a few months.
  • Listen to French radioes, songs and audio resources. 

Make a French friend

Talk with foreigners may help you learn their language quickly, you may want to know where can meet some French people, we offer you some choices to do language exchange:
  • Busuu:You can talk with native speakers after you becoming a VIP member.
  • italki:Besides find a partner to exchange language(free), you can also take lessons(paid)there.
  • HelloPal:You can not only find a partner here, but also can use their phrasebooks designed for online-chatting. 

How much do private French lessons cost?

If you are not satisfied with those 10 FREE resources, you want to find a private tutor to teach you personally, you could just look at this picture. Finding a tutor is also a good way to learn French, it all depends on what you need.

View all French tutor rates

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