Top 15+ FREE Online English Classes & Courses [2019 updated]

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You must really want to improve your English. That’s a great start. As you might say, oh, It could be expensive! No worry. Here we have over 15 resources for you to learn English online without paying a big amount of money. All you have to do is TRY. and LEARN as much as you can
online english classes
So why you decided to start to learn English? It is an obvious answer. Yes! You could open your horizon to see the NEW world in your life. English now is the most international and largest language. Over 2,000,000,000 people could speak English! Even you are not in American, UK, Australia , New Zealand, you still have a chance to talk in English since you might meet people speaking different language from other countries. That’s why English is widely spoken language in the whole world.
You could use English language to  
We search and introduce many resources for you. In this article , We divide the online English learning resources into 3 categories:

You will see that most of them are free! You could use any one of them based on your need. You could also try to find affordable tutors platforms to find best tutor to teach you English step by step. 


Free English learning Websites: 3 Online English courses you should know


1. USA Learns

  • suited for: beginning and intermediate English
  • price: free!
  • features:



USA Learns is really popular, comprehensive website for adults in American. You can learn how to apply English in a beginning level. If your goal is to become a U.S. citizen, it is highly recommended for you to have the class. You could learn how to become a newcomer in U.S. as well as practice reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary on this website. 

There are many lessons containing job, tax, law issue. Their courses also teach people basic English , not just something related to migration. Each lesson also contains its own grammar point too. 
Why it is for free? The U.S. government support it! So that’s why they have high-quality content on their website. 

2. BBC 6 Minutes English

  • suited for: intermediate & advanced level
  • price: free!
  • features: 


I bet you’ve heard about BBC news. It is a social media based in England. BBC release hundreds of pieces of news every day. But have you ever heard about BBC 6-minutes English program?
This is my favorite online learning english program so far. You only have to spend 6 minutes every day and learn. Like radio program, You can enjoy the two hosts from the audio. In the beginning of the program, one of the hosts would ask you a interesting question. Maybe about science, about data, or about animals, it depends. And then you will hear two host start discussing today’s program. In the process of program, they excerpt some real-life interview and it is practical for you to get used to the different accent from different regions of United Kindom. Each program also mark  useful vocabularies, and teach you how to make a complete sentence. 


  • suited for: intermediate learner
  • price; free
  • feature: 


  ESL POD is an online audio English learning program. Just wear your earphones and then you could start to practice English. ESL covers a variety of daily topics. Their speaking speed is quite slow, you don’t have to worry if you will fail to follow up. All you have to do is choose your interested topic of audio. Then keep your ears on. Try your best to speak what you hear. 
  By practicing, not only you could learn English language, but you also can learn “cultural English”. Their topic contains American culture and history and more then 2000 themes. Like holidays and festivals, American writers and artists, famous places, cities ,states and so forth. 
   Their free package include Audio lessons for 15-30 minutes and Text Learning guide if you couldn’t keep up with the conversation, this will help you focus. Let’s try it. If you want to dig in more, then maybe you could consider to pay for the premium program. 

English classes – MOOCs: 9 Massive open online courses.

1. Alison

  • suited for: All kinds of English learner
  • price: free!
  • feature


Alison has been around since 2007. They are dedicated to sharpening your work skills to get a new job, or help you have a better performance in your workplace. Now there are over 1,000 courses available for free access. They also offer English courses! You can choose basic English grammar or maybe English for Tourism. It is all up to your need!


  • suited for: beginner/intermediate/advanced English learner
  • price: free!
  • feature:


Yes, I guess you might already notice that “E” is so cheesy. As you might infer right, E stands for English. This is a website totally for English learners. They have four categories (speaking/writing/reading/listening)designed for English learning, and they also have short class. This Australia-based website is worth a try, if you have low chance to access all-English environment.

3. FutureLearn

  • suited for: beginner, intermediate, business English, academic English
  • price: free!
  • features:

FutureLearn is not like the normal MOOCs, you will experience more interactions in the class. You can leave your comment on every lesson, and if some people reply you, you will get the notification. I recommend you English for the workplace” If you want to speak fluent English in your workplace. The courses also have both short courses or in-depth program. You could choose which one you prefer to join. 
It is worth mentioning that you can learn with many leading universities or business schools such as University of Bristol. They also cooperate with some famous institution like British Council or UNESCO. 

4. EDX

  • suited for: intermediate level and above
  • price: free!
  • feature:


      Edx created by the MIT and Harvard. It hosts online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines to a worldwide student body, including some courses at no charge. 
    On edX, you can also find a different kind of English course. You can also learn English by video. But be careful some of courses are not for free. Yet It is still a way cheaper than you learn some course in college. 

5. Openlearning

  • suited for : beginner or intermediate English learner
  • price: some coursed can be enrolled for free
  • feature: 


      Openlearning has not as many courses as we mentioned above. But you still can search for English course. Their community is also strong, you could see the number of students who have the same class like you!.

6. Udemy

  • Suited for: all levels
  • price: Some courses are free. 
  • feature:


Udemy is an all-dimension online learning platform! You can also learn English on this website. But be careful before you choose the courses, Not all of them are for free. Udemy primarily uses video lectures. Some courses contains quizzes or learning document to help you learn more efficiently . 

7. Coursera

  • Suited for: intermediate level and above, business English. 
  • price: free!
  • feature:
Coursera has also a variety of courses and it also has some English courses. You can just choose one course, and usually there are about 4-10 lessons in one course. You could filter the cooperated institution. some of them are for specific topics, such as email writing, or career development. 

8. World Education University

  • suited for: intermediate level and above
  • price: free!
  • feature:


WEU also aims to offer vocational training. There are many types of subjects you could learn. English courses are in too. You could search for English courses. Though it is not so many and complete, but you still could try to enhance your job skill!

9. Saylor

  • suited for:beginner/ intermediate learner
  • price: free
  • feature:


   Saylor cooperates with many College. Some credits and certificate are are free of charge. If you are a beginning-English learner, you should try their featured course: Beginner English! I couldn’t guarantee you could change your life after experiencing this course, but i am sure that you will improve your English language skill(reading, writing).

4 Popular Online English classes

1. Perfectly Spoken

  • suited for: beginning , intermediate level, advanced level
  • price: free!
  • feature:


     Perfectly Spoken has part of package for free. Each level contains 60 classes. Each program are taught by different teacher. Before the class, you can also test your English level.  The free program is enough for you to level up your skill. You can also choose the premium program to grab more resources. 
     As you can see, you can choose the level you want to reach, and you can see your learning progress. I feel it very confident and satisfied when I complete my A2 program! Now I am working on my B1 level course. You can see what the teaching effect will be if you learn English from the native speaker 

2. ESOL Courses

  • suited for: all levels. 
  • feature:


ESOL courses is a free online courses website. You can practice English with interactive listening lessons, reading exercises, quizzes and games. I like their quiz part, especially after viewing a practice video. You can review and quickly remember what you are just taught. The question is not very hard, but can correct you immediately after you choose the answer. 
One of the advantage on this website is they contain a big number of learning materials than normal. 

3. ABA English

  • suited for: All levels, Business
  • feature:


     ABA English is also an online english classes. They divide the course into 5 parts: Film, speak, class, vocabulary and assessment. You can practice your listening by watching the video or film. Or maybe you want to improve your pronunciation. In this case, you can try to speak like the audio did . When you pronounce really like the audio did. Then you make it!
     You have to complete 4 parts before you are doing the assessment(test/quiz). This is meaningful and useful part. In case you miss some important point. 

4. EnglishClass101

  • suited for: All levels
  • feature:


EnglishClass101 is also one of my favorite english classes online. First, you have to register one account by your email (or facebook), then you can enjoy over 1000 lessons from your smartphone or computer. You always can find the new and fun lesson for you. 
If you like what you hear, then I recommend you to sign up for the paid version. You will find out more different types of lessons and some quizzes to test your learning efficiency. 

English Lesson? Before you start, remember to prepare them!

  • laptop
  • online dashboard /pencil/pen/notebook
  • cable lines
  • a quiet place for learning
  • strong wifi

Learning English Online for adults? too late?

  NEVER! Never confine yourself. It is late only when you give up starting now. 
  Many people learn the new knowledge or skill when they become adults. 
  We cannot become old without any learning until we die. 
  Luckily, we are all alive right now ( sounds a little philosophical?)
  So Now it’s the best time to  learn English, learn as much as you can!!
ryan Y.

ryan Y.

I am a Polyglot. could speak over 5 languages and now try to master more languages until my life ends. Deeply Addicted in travel. Have been to over 25 countries.

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