Chinese Tutor || Top 10 Websites for Finding Best Mandarin Tutor [2019 updated]

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In this article, you will know the top 10 websites for finding the best Chinese tutor, and providing you a high-quality classes.

Are you learning Chinese, and find it very hard ? Don’t be frustrated. Let me tell you a small story about my Taiwanese and my Chinese friends. They told me that they are mandarin native speakers, but it is still hard for them to master it. Not like English alphabets, only 26 characters, common Chinese characters are more than 8000s! When they were children, they also needed to practice how to write each letter every day for over than 6 years! Even though they have been an adult for a while, people still write the words wrong from time to time.


So don’t be sad when you have an issue with practicing the Chinese characters. Just keep on learning, and never give up!

You could take your first Chinese class below right now) We all don’t like spams. This is just for you to take a Free trial lesson.

If you don’t want to push this cheesy button right now, it’s Ok. You could consider for a while, and maybe try it later. You could continue to read the article to find  where can ramp up your Chinese language skill.

  • If you are not a student, you are a teacher, here is the link to help you to see how much you could earn by teaching Mandarin or other language


  • Link: Top 20 free Online Chinese Classes [2019 updated]
    If you have already learned Chinese for a while, then these 20 free online website is suitable to you. You could learn how to speak and write a perfect Chinese by making use of these websites!
  • Chinese Tutor & Online Chinese Tutor
    But if you still have some problem with your Chinese character or “tone”, the professional tutor could correct your pronunciation right away when you speak wrong.


    And In this article, you will know the top 10 websites for finding your best Chinese tutor, and providing you a high-quality classes.  

  • Quick Links
Online Chinese tutor

1. Preply – learn mandarin online

Preply was established in 2012, providing its service to many teachers and students worldwide. You can find the tutor based on your available time. On this website, most of tutors are based in China. They will extraordinary mark the popular tutors. Most of tutors can speak several languages, you can easily know the information on their profile. Most of them could speak English, so you won’t have any problem if you still are not able to  take all-Chinese classes



One of their feature is clear profile. As you could see above, you could see almost all the information of tutor at one sight. If you are interested in some tutor, but you have no idea to choose it or not, you can also decide by their star rating and the reviews from the former student they taught. The price is visible, so you could well-prepare your budget. You can also book the free trial, if you are keen to learn Chinese right now


  • First trial lesson for free
  • clear profile in one sight (rating/reviews/popular)
  • Easy search, easy find the Chinese tutor. 
  • English-friendly
  • Now over 400+ Chinese tutors online!



  • couldn’t make the refund (the rest of package) when you take one lesson and are not satisfied with the some tutor

2. Amazingtalker – best mandarin tutor online   



Amazingtalker is also a language learning website based in Taiwan. Set up in 2016 , now they have over 200 high-quality Chinese tutors. Most of the teachers are from Taiwan.(They also have Chinese teacher) As you might hear about the difference between traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese before. In case you have more interest in the former, then Amazingtalker is your best choice. 

The tutor’s profile is not as clear as preply at the first sight though, you could find more when you click into tutor’s profile to see their performance history to help you to select the best tutor.

On the website, the price of the Chinese tutoring is visible. It ranges from $10-20 per hour, if you are still considering choosing which is your best, you can also try 25 minutes trial. You can also book your courses flexibly, which means you could book only one lesson. Of course, you will get more discount, if you book a package. 


  • you could get the $20 credit from the promoted links.
  • Traditional Chinese is main feature.
  • Could cancel your courses package anytime, once you are not satisfied with current teacher. 
  • Cheapest average price among all the language platform among all listed ones
  • immediate customer support 

3. italki- find best Chinese tutor online

 Italki is a website for learning all kinds of languages including some aboriginal or rare languages as long as you could name it. Basically, their Chinese tutors are mostly from China and Taiwan, you could also find some polylingual tutors from America or Europe who also can speak Chinese very well. The price is not that expensive as thumbtack and The price ranges from $15-$25 per hour on average. If you are interested, you can also try trial lesson for 30 minutes at the lower price. 

They also have an opening discussion forum for Chinese learner, so you can freely stir up the topic and discussion about Chinese language. 


  • They have discussion community to motivate people discuss more about their current dilemma in learning language. 
  • handy and stylish design of the website
  • The choices of Chinese teacher is numerous in this learning platform.

4. Mandarin tutor – Chinese tutor online

Mandarin Tutor is specifically targeting at Chinese language learner. They provide online Chinese classes via Skype. 

The formal lesson is 50 minutes and if you are highly interested in their service, you can also book free trial lesson(for 25 minutes.). You could book the package of the lessons for 1, 5, 10, 20. The more lessons you book at one time, the more discount you will get. It is worth mentioning that their website also offer some Chinese learning resources. The only drawback is they have less Chinese tutors than all the website we mentioned above. 


  • This is the one of two websites specifically recruiting Chinese student and teachers among all. 
  • high percent discount when you book a package at once 

5. My Chinese tutor – Chinese tutoring

My Chinese tutor is a teaching team based in Beijing(北京), the capital of China. But don’t worry. all their tutors could at least speak two languages. (English and Chinese). So if you are interested in their service, go fill in your personal information and book the free lesson. They will contact you within a short time. 

Their general lesson lasts half an hour. On the website, you can see their short introduction of themselves. Usually their lessons will be taught via skype. 


  • they have many professional native Chinese speakers based in Bejing
  • English-friendly website

In-home Chinese tutor

1.  Heytutor –  in-home Chinese Class




Heytutor is a tutor platform for learning diverse subjects (Not only Chinese language) and finding the tutors from this website. One of their features is that you can locate yourself by ZIP and you can find Chinese tutor near me/you. 

You have to firstly type your name, your telephone number, your email, and some personal information and specific need or qualification of the tutors. Then, the representative will call you after they receive your application. 


  • Representative will help match the suitable tutor for you and save your time
  • Easily locate the nearest tutor from you


  •  couldn’t see the tutors at one sight after searching for it. The only thing you know is the number of Chinese tutors they provide right now.

2. –  Chinese Teacher
 originally (from 2006) was a website for finding after-school sitters, nannies or senior care. But nowadays they also provide Chinese tutors  (How amazing). You can know the tutor’s  teaching experiences for how many years, their age and their profile picture. charges higher money than we mentioned before. On, the price of Chinese tutoring range from $15-40 per hour. The most important thing you should know is, the website only show the general “range “ of the price per hour, which means you have to negotiate the final price with the tutor. 


  • Tutors usually have a big range of expertise 
  • Tutors usually have at least two years experiences 


  • you have to ask tutor to know the real price rate

3. thumbtack- find best Chinese tutor


Thumbtack aims to find the local professionals for the learner. Like you could also locate yourself to find the nearest tutor. You could see the number of “hires” they have done on Thumbtack. However, that doesn’t mean how many times they completed the Chinese courses. They will show you the “estimated price”, so you won’t have a idea to know the final price until you two ( a student and a tutor) successfully match. 

As for price, you might be a little disappointed since their price is higher than other website.


  • Easily locate yourself and find the nearest tutor to you
  • provide both remote class and in-home class


  • you could only know the estimated price,  you have to ask the tutor to know the final price.  
  • much more costly than other tutor platform

4. Wyzant – Chinese teacher online


Wyzant is a tutor platform which offer online and in-home tutors. Usually, in-home tutors charges higher price than online tutors. Take Chinese tutoring as example. They provide much more online tutor than in-home tutors, and basically the price of online Chinese tutors ranges from $15-$30 per hour. It could be a way higher ($40-60)if you prefer the in-home tutor.         On this website, firstly, you simply choose your free time then you will get the outcome of all suitable tutors.  You could see how many hours they have completed the lessons as well as star ratings.    pros

  • you can decide either online or in-person tutors on the same website
  • schedule your time and find the suitable tutors easily

5. varsity tutors – Chinese tutors


Varsity tutors mostly comes from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford University. They also provide private in-home or online Chinese tutors one-on-one setting. You just simply fill in your personal information, phone number and email address, then there will be an educational consultant who contact you.      Based on your need, you will find the most relevant tutor you want to hire. All the details (price, the tutor’s personal profile) will be informed on phone.   


  • high-quality lessons taught by student with high academic degree

        Now that you have known where to seek the Chinese tutor. we could listen the famous song from Taiwan and learn Chinese by singing the lyrics.   


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If you want to learn more languages, not just Chinese, then I could recommend you some Asian language resources since they are actually part of grammatically similar to Chinese. 


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ryan Y.

ryan Y.

I am a Polyglot. could speak over 5 languages and now try to master more languages until my life ends. Deeply Addicted in travel. Have been to over 25 countries.

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I really appreciate the fact that teachers actually took their time to understand your level and needs. Mine set up a few tailored classes after discussing with me and it was the best learning experience I've had.
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Best online tutor website I've ever used! Really great teacher quality. Simple and easy to use. Recommended to anyone who's trying to learn a new language.
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Found a nice teacher to help me on my Spanish lessons. I really like the fact that you can take lessons at home and schedule them according to your free time.
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