Best 10 Vietnamese Classes & Lessons | Near Me & Online [2022]

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Most people will think Vietnamese is hard to learn, but is it really not easy? No, it’s just a rumor, learning Vietnamese is far easier than you think, only the pronunciation is the difficult thing of Vietnamese, the other parts are easier than what you might expect, so you don’t need to be upset when you learn Vietnamese, you can face the challenges when you learn Vietnamese language.
vietnamese classes

Three reasons to learn Vietnamese–You must know !

  • It’s one of the most popular language in the world:Accorded to language size, there are 67.8 MILLION people who speak Vietnamese, and it is the third most-spoken language in the United States, so if you don’t know a bit of Vietnamese language, you may lose some good chances to make friends or communicates with other people. 
  • Vietnamese language is not difficult as you think:Not like any European languages, Vietnamese has no genders, so you don’t need to remember the concept of masculine or feminine, and Vietnamese doesn’t have plurals, so you can easier to learn this language. Furthermore, Vietnamese uses the same alphabet that English uses, so you don’t need to learn a new alphabet to read Vietnamese. Isn’t it attractive to you? Let’e learn Vietnamese together.
  • For work or travel:Vietnam is a wonderful country with many culture and landscape, if you have some business meetings in Vietnam, you can try to talk with local people, and if you have great passion in traveling, Vietnam is one of the good countries you should consider.

How to learn Vietnamese? I want to improve my Vietnamese skills

Although Vietnamese is a great language, the numbers of people learn it are far less than people learn other languages, so it’s a little hard to find someone teaches Vietnamese, and find related resources to learn Vietnamese, but you don’t need to be sad, learning a new language isn’t easy, but we can recommend you some platforms to improve your Vietnamese skills in this article, or you can make a Vietnamese friend to exchange language. 

Before we recommend you best resources to learn Vietnamese, let’s watch a funny video to learn how to say fruits in Vietnamese. It's interesting!

10 sites to learn Vietnamese Near Me

1. LIVE LINGUA (Free resourse !)

LIVE LINGUA is the world’s first total immersion language school online, they offers many live lessons(Spanish, English, Japanese, Korean and so on), and in order to let people learn another language, they provides some free resources, so you can read e-books, listen audios, and download files for free ! Although they don’t offer Vietnamese tutors now, there are some great resources you can use, and maybe someday LIVE LINGUA will recruit some tutors to teach Vietnamese.

2. Take lessons

Take lessons set up in 2006, and the goal of it is to connect music and voice instructors with students when they launched, but now they offer not only music and voice instructors but also some academic and language tutors to help with more people, there are 10 instructors teach Vietnamese, you can pick up someone to be your Vietnamese tutor, and learn local Vietnamese language with them(all of them have related experience)It’s pity that only two tutors would like to teach at your home, so if you want to find a tutor near you, Take lessons may not be the best choices to you.

3. Language Door (Irvine, San Diego)

When you visit their website, you will see “open the door to a new language a new culture and a new family” , it’s the mission of Language Door. They offer 34 different language classes there, and they have three types of Vietnamese classes(beginning, intermediate, advanced), and two learning places to choose(Irvine, San Diego), if you are one of the residents in the two places you can learn by your level of Vietnamese.

4. ONE CITY(Seattle Area)

Learn Vietnamese language in the Seattle Area, this information is specially for people live in the Puget Sound region, so if you are one of the residents and want to learn Vietnamese, you can visit their website, they provide offline Vietnamese lessons and classes, you can find a learning chance in your neighborhood. Isn’t it great? If you want to interact with teachers and classmates on site, you can choose this method to learn, 6 related lessons and classes must be one fit your need, don’t hesitate go to contact them. 

5. Superprof

Superprof set up in 2013, and they want to let people learn anything that they want, so they contain 7.7 millions of teachers who come from 22 countries(German, Italy, America, Spanish and so on)the perfect tutors there not only teach languages, some of they teach music reading, basic computer, ESL and other subjects, so you can find more assistance there. About Vietnamese, they offer 111 amazing private tutors(the most numbers of tutors), you can find online or locally tutors to fit your needs in Superprof. 

Best Websites to Find Perfect Vietnamese Tutors

Want to find a perfect Vietnamese tutor? The most detailed information about each tutoring sites here !

6. Yelp

Yelp was launched in 2004, and the mission of it is to help people find the best local businesses, so they don’t only provide the service of language but also provide other services(home services, auto services and so on), nearly all services you need can found a professional there. As the feature of Yelp, it doesn’t offer you Vietnamese tutors, it provides you some organizations that you can decide whether to learn Vietnamese there or not(San Jose Learning Center, Duc Vien Buddhist Community Pagoga and so on) If you prefer an offline Vietnamese classes, you can use their platform to find one.

7. Orange County Lingual InstituteOrange County)

The the Director of Orange County Lingual Institute says “The Orange County Lingual Institute is a premier language school dedicated to helping those in the Orange County area who wish to learn a new language, learn multiple languages, or simply improve their current foreign language skills.” As the things they want to do, they offer Costa Mesa Vietnamese classes for all levels of people live in Orange County, so if you are one of the residents you can choose this institute to learn, or you can learn other languages(Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese and so on)offered by them.

8. Amazing Talker

Amazing Talker is an online language platform founded by a Taiwanese in 2016. They want to build an friendly platform which pairs students with tutors. As it good learning and teaching environment, it attracted more than 800 tutors registered when it just set up. It provides 57 languages and 1118 tutors there, so you can learn more than one language in Amazing Talker. About the Vietnamese language, it offers 13 Vietnamese tutors, so you can choose one suitable tutor there. At the first time to use the platform of Amazing Talker, it will provide 20$ to you, you can use the free 20$ to book some trial lessons.

9. Thumbtack

Thumbtack founded in 2008, they want to help everyone find their suitable privates successfully, so they did their best to provide different services that out of your imagination, everyone can find your own professional or private tutor in Thumbtack. They hire 10 Vietnamese tutors, everyone who wants to learn can enter your zip code, and the machine will sow you the most suitable tutor to you, it’s easy to have the list, you can visit Thumbtack and try to find an ideal tutor there. 

10. Language Trainers

Language Trainers established in 2004, and its language courses are in more 200 cities across America and Canada, some of them provided via Skype, they want to help everyone learn any language anytime and everywhere. There are 4 types of Vietnamese courses(1-on-1 general course in Dallas, 1-on-1 business course in Dallas, 2-to-1 & small group courses in Dallas and online courses via Skype or Hangouts), you can choose the most comfortable way to learn Vietnamese in Language Trainers.

After knowing where you can find good resources, let’s watch a funny video and learn how to say animals in Vietnamese. 

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