6 Best Spanish Tutor Websites for 2019 [2019 UPDATED]

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As the second most spoken language in the world, there are certain perks that comes with being able to speak and understand Spanish. For example, you can travel through a large part of the world without much difficulty, land a dream job, or tap into the rich cultures of Spain and South America. Finding a private tutor is often the fastest and most efficient way of mastering a new language. Today, we are going to show you some of the best sites to find just that - the best Spanish tutor to help you to learn this amazing language !
Spanish Tutors

Best sites for finding Spanish tutors locally.

While more and more people are opting for online tutors, in-person private lessons still remain a common and popular choice. Looking for a Spanish tutor near your place? There are numerous sites that can match you with a great tutor, and most of them offer location searches, teacher qualifications and students reviews to help you make the best choice. Check out these handy sites we’ve selected.

6. Tutors.com


Introduction: Founded in 2013, Tutors.com has since connected more than 1 million students with professional tutors. According to its website, it now hosts 18,000 tutors and adds new students at a rate of 400,000 people each year. It is one of the largest online tutor matching service in the country and provides in-person private lessons on subjects including cooking, kickboxing and of course, Spanish.
User Experience: Upon entering the website and inputting the search term, you will be prompted to answer a few questions such as the purpose of learning, your age, duration of the lesson and your availability, followed by your location and contact. Once you’re finished, a message would appear stating you will be contacted with a quote regarding your preference after a period of time. I find this counter-intuitive and rather strange as compared to just showing a list of eligible tutors. 
To find the actual list of tutors, you will have to navigate through the categories listed below and it could be quite confusing at times. You will then be able to see the tutors’ intro, reviews, photos and FAQs. You can request a quote, contact tutor or check availability from here. 
What I think: One of the upsides that’s worth noticing is that Tutors.com is quite thorough with the questions asked regarding your requirements. Which supposedly could lead to a better match with the tutor. 
Overall verdict: ★★☆☆☆
Navigation through the site is not the most intuitive, and the search function is not doing what it’s supposed to do. The number of tutors and reviews are also lacking as well.

5. Thumbtack

Introduction: Founded in 2011, Thumbsack started out as a website that aimed to match professional skills with the people that needs them. It offers personal trainers, plumbers, even gardeners a platform to be seen and at the same time provides fair and transparent pricing for consumers. It has later evolved to include more professional skills such as, yes, Spanish tutoring. It has more than 250,000 active professionals and over 10 million users using over 1000 kinds of services. 
User Experience: Relatively nice web design, I got the Spanish tutors search results within 3 minutes of entering the site. Clear information on the tutor list. Same with the other sites, you can find the tutor’s bio, business hours, payment methods, rating and reviews on the tutor’s page, as well as contact the tutor or check his/her availability. Thumbtack also comes with an mobile app, which makes it easier for you to browse and select your tutor on the go.
What I think: Sadly since it is not a site specifically built for tutor matching, it has significantly less search filters than sites such as Wyzants, which makes it harder to pin down the tutors that might fit you. Also I found some small glitches when searching and browsing the site.
Overall verdict: ★★★☆☆
Relatively clear design and good ease of use. Detailed info on the tutor page and would ask thorough questions if you choose to check availability with the tutor. Downside includes less filters and some small glitches.

4. Wyzants

Introduction: Founded in 2005 in Bucktown, Chicago, wyzants is dedicated to connect people who want to learn with tutors that can supply the knowledge. According to its own website, wyzants offers more than 300 subjects, provided more than 1 million lessons in 2015 with over 80,000 instructors. Wyzants provides both online and in-person tutoring depending on the tutor, and charges on a per class basis.
User Experience: Wyzants did a great job on their website design, good visual and very easy to use. I was able to locate Spanish tutors near me and figure out how to navigate the system within 3 minutes of entering the site. Once on the tutor list, you can easily set up filters such as location, rates, availability and lesson type, even gender of the tutors. You can also find the tutor’s bio, policy, schedule, rating and reviews within the tutor’s own page. 
What I think: Wyzants allows tutors to provide both online and in-person lessons, which I find quite convenient and flexible. It even offers a free first hour if you feel the tutor is not a good match.
Overall verdict: ★★★★☆
Nice web design and great user experience. Intuitive and very easy to use. A lot of options when choosing the right tutor. Clear info on the tutors, also a lot of tutors to choose from with numerous reviews. 


Best sites for finding Spanish tutors online.

In recent years, more and more people are choosing online tutors over in-person tutors for its lower rates, higher flexibility and its ability to surpass geological limitations. Imagine you can talk and practice a new language with native speakers across the globe anytime you want, all while sitting in your room ! Here are some of the most popular websites for finding online Spanish tutors and Spanish lessons. 

3. Italki

Introduction: Launched in 2007 in Hong Kong, italki is a global online language learning website that connects students and teachers for 1-on-1 online language lessons. According to italki, it has over 5 million students and 10,000 teachers teaching more than 130 languages. You can book customized lessons with your favorite tutors anytime you want and pay at a per lesson basis with the option of trial lessons. 
User Experience: Italki is a relatively well-known site and it wasn’t my first time visiting. I was always impressed by the intuitive interface design and the clear instructions below. It also comes with a great search function, with some special filters such as price, availability, teacher type, native speaker and the tutor’s home country. 
What I think: A great thing I like about italki is that every tutor comes with a short intro video where you can get a glimpse of his/her teaching method, accent and what you can expect during a lesson. In the tutor’s page, you can actually get a lot of interesting information about the tutor such as numbers of lessons / students taught, response / attendance rate and type of lessons being offered. Italki has an mobile app so it’s quite easy to take lessons wherever you are. 
Overall verdict: ★★★★☆
Great online language learning website with a lot of tutors offering various lessons. Very nice interface and user experience. Quite easy to find what you are looking for, the filters are especially interesting. Really like the option to pay per lesson and also the intro video and trial lesson are extremely helpful at choosing the right tutors.


2. Preply

Introduction: Preply was launched in 2012 in Brighton, Massachusetts and is one of the biggest online tutoring websites globally. It has approximately 47,000 registered tutors, offering help in as many as 40 different subjects. While Preply still focuses on language learning, it also offers tutoring on subjects like coding, accounting and design. It adopts a similar approach to italki, with the pay per lesson method as well as trial lessons. 
User Experience: I find a lot of similarities between Preply and italki, including their interface, web design and booking system. Preply comes with the same short intro video which i find quite useful. However there are less tutors in Preply than italki and less information on the tutors’ page and less filters for search as well. You can still find the basics like tutor qualification, availability, rating and reviews on their pages. 
What I think: One thing I like a lot about Preply is that before your search, it would actually ask you a lot of questions like purpose of learning, availability, your other language, etc. This way you can land on a specific search real quick. 
Overall verdict: ★★★★☆
Pretty great website with good usability. Although it doesn’t compare with italki in design, tutor number and functionality, it is still quite useful for finding an online tutor to help you with your Spanish and I am really impressed with the pre-search questions.


1. AmazingTalker

Introduction: Only founded in 2016 in Taiwan, AmazingTalker is relatively new to the competitive language learning market. However, it has grown rapidly for the past few years thanks to its flock of high quality teachers, rigorous review system and AI recommendation function. It currently has over 1,000 tutors and has taught more than 80,000 students. It works similarly to Preply and italki in a lot of ways but to some extent succeeded in surpassing them both.
User Experience: I stumbled upon AmazingTalker and was truly impressed by its user interface and matching system. However what really shocked me was the quality of the teachers, AmazingTalker manually vets every teacher application to ensure the quality of teaching and only a small percentage could pass the screening. The result is a very high teaching standard and really impressive learning outcome.
What I think: Another thing I find surprising is its unique AI recommendation system. Like Preply, it would ask you to fill out some questions regarding your purpose, proficiency, native language and availability etc. However, it would not only show you the search result, it would also automatically get 2-3 suitable tutors to message you directly with their info like introduction and teaching materials. This really makes the choosing process easy and hustle-free.
The high quality teachers, advanced matching system really makes AmazingTalker stands out from the rest of its competitors. Not to mention it has all the perks italki and Preply has such as pay per lesson, trial lessons, intro video and advanced searching system. AmazingTalker is by far the best online language learning website I have come across. 
Overall verdict: ★★★★☆
Great interface, high teacher quality, unique AI recommendation system makes the choosing process very easy. Comes with intro video and trial lessons and detailed tutor informations. Pay per lesson makes it stress-free to learn and you can customize your lessons with your tutors. Overall very good experience. A few downsides include less tutors online and no mobile app, but I believe it has the potential to grow rapidly and roll out an app in no time. 


Finding the right tutor is only the first step

Did you find a great tutor from one of these site? If so, congratulations! But do not forget this is only the first step to learning Spanish. Keep your Spanish skills sharp by using these free online classes and resources: Top 22 free online Spanish classes and courses.

Also some handy tools to help you along the way: 13 BEST Spanish Learning App (for iOS and Android) in 2019

Alicia Mcgill

Alicia Mcgill

Language expert with over 10 years of professional teaching and tutoring experience. Loves surfing, traveling and sharing useful tips and advice on language learning!

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